How to handle anxious thoughts in a realistically anxious time

Hosted by Kelly Bos

In this meeting Kelly discussed some research on how to cope with this huge reality (COVID -19) in our lives. 

She discussed a three step process of identifying your anxiety, realising connection with others in this moment and then practicing self kindness.

This process can be translated into the skill of self compassion and is based on the scientific research of Kristen Neff

Many of us find self compassion to be really challenging for many different reasons: battling our own negative rhetoric or struggling to find kind, compassionate language (to name but two). 

Below are some resources offered at this meeting which may be helpful in fostering self compassion:

1) Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris: "Kryptonite for the Inner Critic" from the self compassion series with Kristin Neff PhD

2) Bonus Meditation, Self Compassion Break, Kristin Neff - A 5 minute meditation even if self compassion is not your strong suit, this introduces a way to develop more resilience, kindness and ease in life.

3) The Tim Ferris blog - Podcast with Jack Kornfield "How to find peace amidst COVID-19, How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos."