We are Harmony Yoga BVI

We are two passionate and experienced yoga teachers working towards an inclusive yoga community in the British Virgin Islands.


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About Cayley

Cayley has a real vision to make yoga accessible to all of us living on the British Virgin Islands. She founded Harmony Yoga BVI in 2012 and is an activist for building a strong BVI yoga community. Cayley teaches yoga on and off the mat -- her classes are joyful, compassionate and full of laughter.


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About April

April has been teaching yoga for 25 years (if you're curious about linage and qualifications you can read about those here). April teaches Ashtanga and Yin Yoga and offers 1-2-1 sessions that assist with mobility, rehabilitation and bodily acceptance. Her early background is in dance and her career prior to teaching yoga full time in 2010 was in dance academia. April brings expertise in human movement analysis and offers somatic approaches towards finding ease in all of her classes.

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